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It Started With a Kiss OST

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yoyoyo!! It's been long since i last updated.. haha.. Hibernating once again.. Anyway, this time round i really home alone till 17 dec nite.. Cuz my family went genting n i can't go cuz i juz got back to jansen.. They almost wanted to take back my leave for e 21st too.. cuz my manager say she didn't noe abt it.. But i dun give a damn.. even if they dun give me i'm not going! I already told my partner cuz i'm damn pissed.. They also got a shock when they heard i'm still on probation.. Nvm, i'm going to see how long they still wan2 drag..

Anyway, today's e start of my home alone journey.. Dunno whether i'll get used to it.. But anyway i'm going out later to meet my jc classmates.. For once i joined them cuz previously i'm always bz or working.. Wonder how they've all been.. haiz.. How i missed those days when we mugged n slacked in sch.. I'll always rmb how we used to eat our time away whenever we have breaks.. Haha..

Ok, i dunno wad else to say le.. Bye bye..

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yep yep.. I'm home alone right now.. Didn't go to work today cuz i'm sick.. yes i noe.. AGAIN.. Well, wad to do.. I guess i got the stomach flu virus frm e p1 kids.. Rong rong vomitted n was put in e office on fri.. But she's not e 1st case.. Think it started with bao bao whe he vomited n had fever.. Then next was ms ng's daughter qian qian.. Plus ms ng herself not feeling very well so e office was actually a high risk area..

Anyway, i happen to walk past e office when rong rong vomitted, so i helped to clean her up n bathe her.. Then was posted to p1 to hep out cuz lifang on half day leave.. So when all e p1 were done taking out diapers n toileting, i noticed vivian looked pretty weird.. Before i could ask her to e toilet, she puked right in front of me.. Best thing was my hands were soiled.. So i had to clear her as well as e mess.. I think ms ng oso kind of predicted someone was bound to vomit tt's y she put me to help liying.. Oh well.. Can only say i suay ba..

Then ytd i went to work super sleepy and sick. Sleepy cuz i didn't slp well at all.. Felt nauseous n my stomach was churning e whole nite.. Sick cuz i vomitted twice at home, but nth came out.. Then when i reached sch, ms ng bought quite a few cans of 100+ n ask me to drink, saying it can 止吐止泻.. So i took 1 can.. then as soon as i finished, i vomitted all e 100+ n e milo i had for breakfast.. N i continue to go to e toilet a few times but vomit nth cuz stomach already empty.. At lunch ms ng ask me go back n rest so i left sch w/o eating anything cuz got no appetite.. Somemore tt old hag cooked curry chicken wif more coconut than curry.

At first i tot i'll be able to rest, but realised tt i forgot my keys n was locked out.. Sat outside my hse for a good 3 hrs before my dad came back to open e door for me! Kaoz.. i already told my mum abt it but she can't be bothered at all.. Only e temple thingy she always go is impt.. N even my dad oso complained tt i was troublesome n only noe how to create more trouble for them.. As if i wanted myself to get sick n locked out of my own hse!! Didn't even care whether i was dying of illness or hunger! Luckily i ate 1 char siew bun when i went to get my bills paid.. Best part was my neighbour saw me sitting outside for a gd 3 hrs n didn't even offer to let me in.. Wad a kind n friendly neighbour man..

Anyway, after taking e medicine i took frm watson i concussed till my dad asked me to wake up for dinner. After tt took another pill n chatted wif my dear dear till i fell asleep. Actually i fell asleep even before we finished chatting.. =P But i guess he's already quite used to it le la.. I always fall asleep while chatting.. Well wad to do, i'm tired after class n his voice sounds like a lullaby to me.. Soothing enough to put me to slp.. Haha.. I wonder whether tt's good or bad..

Btw, I've told my boss i'd be taking leave for 20 n 21 dec.. She said shldn't be a problem cuz 20 is actually public holiday.. I noe i'm kiasu la but better be safe than sorry ma.. Who noes whether any1 wld juz pop up to snatch e days away.. But i'd haf to confirm again wif ms breeze cuz i'd be back in Jansen by then. Can't wait to be back there!! Okie dokey.. Tt's all for today.. Dunno when i'll haf e time to update again. Below r some pics we took when we went for lantern festival @ clarke quay.. Enjoy!

My 1st try with his camera!

Tt's Yue lao.
Well, he tries to take me, but i'm not co-operative as u can see..

Trying to act smart huh?!

Tt's me, trying to tempt my camera man wif food!

Ok, tt's us.. Trying to act cute..

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yo peeps!! I'm back from hibernating.. So so sorry.. I've been super duper bz with my life.. wif work n studies n of cuz another party in my life!! haha.. We've been tgt for... erm... coming 7 months.. ok.. i noe i'm forgetful.. But tt's e way i am.. u all noe rite? well he does too.. hehe.. ok shall stop here.. next time then update more ok??

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Went out wif ly n lian on sunday.. met ly for movie first.. well oh well wasted his money n our time cuz he qing me watch.. :p Anyway, i enjoyed my time wif him cuz it's actually e 1st time i went out wif him alone though we already knew each other for 5 yrs.. initially very scared will be very awkward, but it turned out fine.. Very comfortable, n can juz be myself, very naturally..







rap: 我爱说甜言蜜语



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Friday, March 09, 2007








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Sunday, February 25, 2007

yep yep.. i've started working n i'm now a full-time tcher in cherie hearts group of childcare centre, jansen branch.. Tiring, but fun nonetheless.. it's like sth i always wanted to do u see..

Had a mini gathering wif e usual ppl at my hse on e 3rd day.. We had steamboat wif loads of food!! hope all of u had fun.. Anyway, i e end only left justin, pf, bei , jie n my cousin at my hse.. We played black jack until sth like 2:30 am.. muahaha... n i muz say.. justin really REALLY shld stay further away frm this game!!!! even after being exempted from being e banker, he still can lose so much!! my god!! really take my hat off!!all of concluded this game is really his ke xing... haha!!

Then e nxt day my boss treated CL1 n CL2 ppl to a lunch buffet at Pariss!! Muahaha.. Nice food, nice atmo, but e price even nicer!! 50++ per head.. my gosh! but there's really a wide array of food for u to choose frm.. then went shopping wif them till 5+ then left my cousin, gao n i.. my cousin n i each bought a set of bra n a belt at taka.. of cuz, my cousin bought more than juz tt..

Anyway, all was fine till e 5th day of CNY when sch reopen.. My favourite ger, who oso hapens to be e most guai n sensible girl had an accident n it left her wif a deep wound under her chin.. 12 stitches, 6 in e wound n 6 on e skin.. I was so guilty n upset i cldn't control my tears n started crying once her parents rushed her to hospital.. juz hugged my senior tcher n cried.. Though aunty helen, tcher mary n everyone else keep telling me not to think abt it n not my fault, i still can't get over it, so much so tt it affected my mood, my appetite n everything else.. Totally cldn't concentrate n my mind was in a whirl.. esp later in e afternoon when her dad came back all worked up, frustrated, n everything else but nice.. Haiz..

Hope things will get better when she comes back to sch tml... Wad a Happy chinese new year....

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Friday, January 05, 2007

It's a new yr.. N yup, things have changed.. 毕业的,多数找了工作;没毕业的,都回到学校上课了。唯独我,仍旧得过且过地赖在家里当一只不折不扣的寄生虫。




VO: 哇靠!还真像个老人在碎碎念!!都不知一下子老了几岁!

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